What proxies do I use for x website?

You are always best to ask your bot provider if you should use rotating or static proxies.

Here are our recommendations on our service, of what you should use for releases.

This does change, when websites update - so please make sure to check here when bots notify you to use something different!

If for some reason, the suggested on doesn't work after testing your whole range, please try using the opposite.

Supreme EU/US 24/7 Residential

Adidas 24/7 Residential / Private Dedicated YOU MUST USE STICKY FOR ADIDAS

Nike/SNKRS Test 24/7 Residential first, if you cannot find an unbanned range after testing, please use the Private servers.

Shopify (Kith, YeezySupply, etc) 24/7 Residential

Footsites (Footlocker, Footaction, Champs Sports, Eastbay) 24/7 Residential / Private Dedicated Finishline Please request these in the discord #chat channel, as we only supply when needed. Footlocker EU 24/7 Residential / Private Dedicated Mr Porter/Net-A-Porter 24/7 Dedicated

Off---White 24/7 Residential / Private Dedicated