Data Usage

A brief explanation on how data usage is tracked and billed with our platform.

Residential proxy data is a usage of network traffic, measured in Gigabytes. The easiest way for us to portray this is to look at it as a mobile phone plan. Your provider allows you 2 gigabytes of usage per month. Once you exceed this, you won't be able to use it anymore. The same goes for our Residential Proxies. Our different packages include different amounts of proxy data. Once you have used your allocation, you will need to top up again.

Different sites & software can use different amounts of data. It also is affected by the number of tasks your software is running.

Please be mindful of your usage as data can be used quickly when overlooked. We also ask that you are very careful with your proxy credentials and lists as if you give another person your lists, they can use all of your data!