Purchasing & Delivery Time

You can purchase proxies on our Shopify store, https://shop.copped.io.

Delivery for our proxies is INSTANT. You will receive your proxy dashboard login within 20-30 seconds of placing your order. If for some reason, it does not hit your inbox, please check your spam before contacting support.

* Note: Please make sure you order with the correct email, using the same email as your existing purchases if you are already a customer.

Here are the direct links to the different packs that we provide.

Residential Plan + Private Pool Hours https://shop.copped.io/products/residential-proxy-starter-pack

Residential Plan + Datacenter Credits https://shop.copped.io/products/residential-datacenter-starter-pack

BIG MONTH Residential Plan + Private Pool Hours + Datacenter Credits https://shop.copped.io/products/big-month-proxy-pack

** For the below, these can only be used if you have an active residential plan. **

Extra Residential Pool Hours https://shop.copped.io/products/dedicated-ip-pool-access-1-hour

Extra Datacenter Credits https://shop.copped.io/products/copped-datacenter-credits